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Infant Feeding Data Visualisation

The Project

The New Zealand Breastfeeding Alliance (NZBA) coordinates the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) and collects annual infant feeding data at discharge as part of its contract with the Ministry of Health. This data is used to inform the BFHI accreditation process and is shared widely with the health sector to help inform practices that protect, promote, and support the initiation of breastfeeding.

I visualised the 2021 data through 7 infographics, a 13-page report, and a 1-minute animation video. Below you see the Key Findings infographic, which I based the animation video on.

Download the full report here.


Client: New Zealand Breastfeeding Alliance
Graphic Design: Britte van der Pouw
Storyboard: Britte van der Pouw
Animation: Britte van der Pouw