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Add One More

Campaign to encourage all Kiwis to add one more vegetable to their day, every day.

The Project

In Aotearoa New Zealand, the majority of people don’t eat the recommend number of serves of vegetables every day (approximately two thirds of people fall short). The recommended number of serves for general population is five or more serves (one serve is 75g). For those who may currently be consuming none, or only one to two serves every day, a target of five may seem unachievable.

The aim of this campaign is to promote a new message around vegetables to encourage increased purchase and consumption. The message has four important elements; it will be positive, simple, easy to achieve, and fun. The message is: “Add one more”.

The message encourages a small step only. There is no ‘stretch target’ or far off goal. The campaign will include a huge variety of tips and ideas so consumers can find something that is achievable for them. There are many options to communicate that require minimal skill, low spend, and create less waste.

This initial animation introduces the key message and gives initial tips throughout the day. I used the five coloured squares of the existing logo to visualise five vegetables as examples to include in your daily food intake.


Client: Foodcom
Script & Storyboard: Britte van der Pouw
Design & Animation: Britte van der Pouw
Music: Storyblocks

Creative process

The first step was coming up with a storyline for the animation and visualising this into a storyboard to work from. As you can see, this consists of rough sketches and indications merely to get the ball rolling. The storyboard went back and forth between me and the team at Foodcom several times and got adjusted until we were on the same page and the team was happy for me to proceed on to the next phase: The Design Phase!

During the Design Phase, I transformed my rough sketches into actual styleframes to give the team at Foodcom an impression of the final look and feel of the animation. This is where I came up with the style, colours and shapes. These are the styleframes I shared with Foodcom, and once they were approved, it was time to move on to the next phase: The Animation Phase!
During the Animation Phase, I take my illustrations from Illustrator into After Effects to bring them to life, using the storyboard as my blueprint. This is where everything comes together – I love this phase! It’s the most time-consuming, technical and meticulous part of the entire project.

If you compare the final animation to the storyboard and the styleframes, you might notice some differences. As I start animating, I sometimes decide to alter things slightly in order for it to work more smoothly in the animation. E.g. the look of the jug (with the spinach smoothie) is slightly altered, and at the end the onion morphs straight into the logo lock-up instead of falling onto a plate first. I simply ran out of time, so this was my solution to make it work anyway.

Final products

The main final product is the 35 second Campaign Launch animation video. In addition to that, I turned some of the assets from the main animation into looping animated GIFs. The team at Foodcom are using the logo morphing animations as part of their email signatures, and the other assets are featured on social media and in online advertisements.